For the composition work on the lines of MK's style, I chose Alejandro Amenàbar's 2001 film "The Others", which boasts the presence of Nicole Kidman (for which she will win an Oscar) as lead actress. 
The dramatic atmosphere of the film, with some shades tending towards Horror (barely touching it) is the design of prodigious musical and sound choices. It is no coincidence that this masterpiece of contemporary Hollywood cinema is on the list of "psychological" films: an inaccessible category without impeccable sound design. 

The Others is made up of strategic silences, period music, footsteps and above all doors and locks. It is set mainly inside a house with large rooms whose windows are always concealed by dark, heavy curtains to allow even the transit of the children, Ann and Nicholas, who suffer from exposure to bright light. 

"No door should be opened until the last one has been closed". 
(Grace Stewart/Madame) 

Because of their photosensitivity, the doors are closed beforehand and locked if necessary. The tinkling of the large bunch of keys often accompanies the steps in dark rooms, even in the music room where an ancient piano rests, kept away from possible 'child torture'. 
An important audio-aesthetic observation should be made of the recitations of the bible readings, the quotations and the religious arguments dealt with by the protagonists, pronounced with emphasis and rhythm that make one doubt or feel a sense of security regarding the context of the scene and the characters.
I selected the material by dividing it in this way:
- interventions and significant sentences of Grace (mother protagonist)
- voices of other characters
- background music (in the film they set the tone for the style of architecture and interior design of the house and the era)
- keys and use of locks
- footsteps
- doors (squeaks, knocks) and curtains

The image shows an overview of the MK-style composition on Pro Tools 12 software, with some clips looped and others repeated sporadically.

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